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Why Us?

Up to 40% commission

We are offering up to 40% revenue share! For more details about revenue share structure, please click here.

Life time

You will get lifetime revenue share on all the players that you bring to PlayHippo websites!

Range of banners

You can choose from a wide range of banners and other creatives which are updated every week.

Generous bonuses

We have one of the most generous bonuses available online and we think this will prove very popular with all your prospective customers.


Playhippo.com offers you as an affiliate a generous 25-40% commission depending of the total amount of referral commission you generate per month.

Total amount of referral commissions generated per month is Percentage of NGR (Net Generated Revenue)

25% commission
€ 0 – €10,000
30% commission
€10,001 – €20,000
35% commission
€20,001 – €40,000
40% commission
€40,001 +
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What is the affiliate programme?

The affiliate programme works like a commission based system, based on sales of services through entertainment products – sports betting and casino sites online. The PlayHippo online merchant offers its services via its affiliate partners, through the PlayHippo.com/affiliate programme, with which he subsequently shares the profit made -generated by player losses- from PlayHippo.com. In the particular case of the PlayHippo.com affiliate programme, the commission –‘’affiliate’’- partner brings his visitors to the PlayHippo.com site, and then receives his monthly commission payment generated by new customers he has referred on PlayHippo.com

Why should I register on the affiliate programme?

There are many reasons to register in our affiliate programme. It is free of charge, offers high revenue share, plenty of products, so why not monetize your traffic with the PlayHippo Affiliate programme today?

Who can register in the affiliate programme?

Every person/webmaster operating their own web site(s) while respecting our general terms and conditions can apply to join the PlayHippo.com affiliate programme. Each affiliate partner may only register once.

How do I register?

Registration is carried out under the registration entry HERE . You will fill in the required information about yourself/your company and website(s). We will then review your registration, approve it, and off you go making juicy commissions!

Can I join the programme with multiple sites?

Of course. You can manage as many sites as you wish under your single affiliate account.

Any additional question missing from our frequently asked questions?
Do not hesitate to contact our support team! We are happy to help you with anything, and will answer all of your questions.

Contact us at [email protected]